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Our missing piece, one year gone

These are the lovely days of early summer when the days are long and beautiful. We’ve had a run of lovely weather lately, so I took a dip and went kayaking Thursday in the local lake, courtesy of a long-time … Continue reading

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Rain, rent and raising money for braces

I’m happy to say that a GoFundMe campaign I started a few weeks ago to raise funds for Veeka’s braces-to-come has brought in $1,100. The bad news: I have another $5-$6K to go! I really didn’t want to go this … Continue reading

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Age discrimination is simply everywhere.

See this picture of me skiing? That’s what I do when I can’t handle the age discrimination in the job market. After eight months of applying to everything from Amazon to Alaska Airlines’ magazine, I’m amazed when my resume and … Continue reading

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How to *really* plug your book

As our final exam for my social media class, we’ve been asked to create a social media strategy for a product. Since I’ve published five books and know lots of authors who are tearing their hair out over how to … Continue reading

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CNN, serpent handlers and July

In all the fuss over getting a new Mac, I forgot to say I got another blog published on CNN’s Schools of Thought blog on June 21. It was on the trend toward classical schools. I’m already working on another … Continue reading

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Graduation and canoeing

To my delight, Veeka got a trophy the day she graduated from first grade for making A’s and B’s. Considering how her year started out, this is a big accomplishment for her. To celebrate, she and I are doing some … Continue reading

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3rd week of January

Am hard at work these days putting together new syllabi. Yes, am teaching a few of the same ourses, but all the textbooks are different (am trying new ones), so I am having to design four courses. And then got … Continue reading

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Quitting church video

More from the trenches in the land of TWT. To the horror of many of us who used to work there, the paper has brought back John Solomon as a top editor. John was the subject of this devastating piece … Continue reading

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Second week of Advent

It’s been in the mid-30s the past two nights here so my banana plants outside are definitely fading away and I wore my winter coat for the first time today. And we’re lighting Advent candles; the second set during a … Continue reading

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One last WaPo piece

It appears this is my sayonnara article, but I’m glad I could go out the door with a piece about Susan Wise Bauer, an amazing woman who’s been a huge leader in the homeschooling movement. I researched it in July … Continue reading

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