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Rain, rent and raising money for braces

I’m happy to say that a GoFundMe campaign I started a few weeks ago to raise funds for Veeka’s braces-to-come has brought in $1,100. The bad news: I have another $5-$6K to go! I really didn’t want to go this … Continue reading

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The road to Nome

There are certain times here in Alaska where you feel you’re in the midst of a huge fairytale; when, for instance, you’re standing outside after midnight and the northern lights decides to put on a display of huge green sky … Continue reading

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Mushers and the ides of March

Tomorrow I’ll get to watch the finish of the Iditarod in Nome on Alaska’s west coast. But it was fun to catch the start as well. I went with my daughter’s 3rd grade class to the front yard of a … Continue reading

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Starting on the AlCan

I was only a few days in the Seattle area when I had to fly to Montreal to deliver a paper and preside at another session at an AEJMC meeting which is for people who teach journalism. It’s a very … Continue reading

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Creeping towards the end

I’m seated on my daughter’s bed, tired beyond tired, trying to get in my last social media assignment before the midnight deadline. Not that the instructor is watching; rumor is that the on-campus students (my class was part online and … Continue reading

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Nashville and the future of journalism

My brother, who’s a columnist for the Oregonian, was in Nashville this past weekend receiving a Wilbur award for his columns (which were noted as ‘religion columns’) which is pretty funny in that he has never been a specialty religion … Continue reading

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Jamie’s death

The forecast for President’s Day Weekend said it might be in the 60s, so I made a reservation with a bus tour at Reelfoot Lake, a large body of water in the far northwestern corner of Tennessee. Veeka and I … Continue reading

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Tweeting and Nadia Bolz-Weber

This week was trying out all sorts of stuff on Twitter. Learning it was not easy! I added more people to my list of those I’m following (about 50), mainly people in journalistic and religion reporting fields. Did a search … Continue reading

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Graduation and canoeing

To my delight, Veeka got a trophy the day she graduated from first grade for making A’s and B’s. Considering how her year started out, this is a big accomplishment for her. To celebrate, she and I are doing some … Continue reading

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40 years of sorrow

Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in all 50 states. For the first time in 16 years, I will not be in DC during the annual March for Life, which … Continue reading

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