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The difficulty of finding friends

The past six weeks have been one deadline after another, which is my poor excuse for not blogging. I will say that my GoFundMe total is just over $2,000 although it doesn’t look that way on the GFM site. But … Continue reading

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A wedding in Montreal

Summer is passing all too quickly and last week, Veeka and I ran off to a place on Mt. Rainier called Sunrise. The walk along a ridge near the visitor center was outstanding, as one is looking directly at this … Continue reading

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Whizzing through the snow

For years, I’ve wanted to go cross-country skiing in the largest cross-country ski area in North America and this past MLK weekend, we did so. It was a 238-mile drive over 2 mountain passes to Winthrop, Wash., home of the … Continue reading

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Settling in Issaquah

We’ve been in our new apartment almost 3 weeks in Issaquah, a town in the foothills of the Cascades that is best known for its Salmon Days festival where the salmon swim up the local creek to the area around … Continue reading

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Sunny Oregon and Portland coffee

Yes, I know that sounds odd, but the sun really is out here. I’d been planning for a long time this June trip to Oregon to see friends and visit places, so Veeka and I got on a plane Tuesday … Continue reading

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The lovely north Cascades

We’ve been home almost a week now and our last kitty, Serenity, hasn’t eaten in three days. I thought we’d have to say goodbye to her, but the vet says she just has a urinary tract infection, so has at … Continue reading

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Spring break, part II

I left off with arriving in Hollywood, Fla., to stay at the Ocean Inn, a funky place along the Intracoastal (which is a waterway) and about one block from the beach. The owner was a young Russian in her early … Continue reading

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Visiting Disney World

Veeka had been nagging me about visiting DisneyWorld (watching Disney Channel on cable will do that to you as they run non-stop commercials extoling a visit to this place), plus I had wanted to get out of Jackson for spring … Continue reading

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Early February picnic

Every so often, there comes a moment when I know I am no longer in Maryland. Such was tonight, when I went to a reception sponsored by some folks at my new church. A visiting speaker from South Africa was … Continue reading

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Second week of Advent

It’s been in the mid-30s the past two nights here so my banana plants outside are definitely fading away and I wore my winter coat for the first time today. And we’re lighting Advent candles; the second set during a … Continue reading

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