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In which Veeka turns 12

I was agonizing over just how to celebrate Veeka’s 12 birthday and in the end, it all came together. Her birthday was on Easter day. So I took 40 pink-icing cupcakes (with red “V’s” added for you-know-who) to her Sunday … Continue reading

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October typhoon?

We were supposed to be gone on a Girl Scout camping weekend today, but there’s been dire warnings about some huge typhoon hitting the Seattle area this weekend, so all sorts of things have been cancelled around the region, including … Continue reading

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Farewell to the admiral

I think one of the loveliest moments during my dad’s funeral last Sunday was listening to the organ play “Nimrod” from Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations. If you have never listened to it, do so by clicking on the link. It’s … Continue reading

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In memory of my father

“Why is there death, Mommy?” That’s the sort of questions Veeka has been asking me ever since my father – and her grandfather – died a week ago on June 24 at the age of 91. Mercifully, she’d been at … Continue reading

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May showers and birthdays

We’re finally into May and since I last wrote, there’s been several birthdays. This past Thursday, I had a birthday, a rather significant one, but one that made me feel quite old! When I turned 50, I was months away … Continue reading

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The funeral before Christmas

This is the first Christmas in 32 years where I don’t have to climb aboard a plane to go back home. Instead, we drove 14 miles on E. Lake Sammamish Blvd. past gorgeous homes with flashy light displays against a … Continue reading

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From Poo Poo Point to the Palouse

  Lately I’ve been realizing I must update my social media accounts, which all have pictures of me in some cool Alaska locale. However, I am Down Here but I’m inbetween jobs, so it’s hard to categorize what I am … Continue reading

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To California and back

Once again, it’s been awhile since I wrote but with good reason. We’d scarcely gotten off the boat in Bellingham when my father came down with weird stomach pains that kept on getting worse and worse. A week later, I … Continue reading

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In which Veeka turns 10

The Big Event of the past two weeks has been Veeka’s 10th birthday. It’s amazing to realize that 10 years ago on April 16, 2005, I was wandering about the island of Capri taking a rest from pope coverage. Three … Continue reading

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Nashville and the future of journalism

My brother, who’s a columnist for the Oregonian, was in Nashville this past weekend receiving a Wilbur award for his columns (which were noted as ‘religion columns’) which is pretty funny in that he has never been a specialty religion … Continue reading

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