Am writing this from steamy west Tennessee to where I’ve flown for some house-hunting. The first round was the day before I interviewed for the job and it was all pretty tentative as I hadn’t gotten an offer yet but this time, things are for real and UU kindly brought me back to town so I could look around. This time, Veeka is with me. We got up at the crack of dawn to catch a plane to Nashville out of BWI, which is the World’s Worst Airport in terms of long security lines. And Southwest Airlines must not have had enough help, as we waited awhile just to check our luggage. No, couldn’t do curbside, as I had a car seat for Veeka and that needed a special plastic bag. As for the stewardesses, let’s just say I’ve met friendlier ones. They were of no help in getting Veeka and I a seat together; in fact all one did is basically tell me to shut up. Finally some passengers gallantly switched seats so we could sit together. My last flight in 2008 out of BWI on Southwest was less than happy as well – they had overbooked and Veeka and I were bumped, meaning we had to fly out the next day. Which is not fun when you have a 3-year-old with you. Not my favorite airline.

Relaxing at Jordan Pond

Anyway, grabbed a Hertz rental and out of Nashville we drove. Kind of pleasant two hours to get to Jackson and we dropped by Union University, which is putting us up in guest housing, to say hi to several folks and sign some forms. Then off to an interview at what may be Veeka’s new school. Am not saying where at present but I hope things work out there. Veeka liked the place, which is good, as she now has some idea of what she’s moving TO. All her little heart could comprehend before this was all the friends she’s leaving behind. Tomorrow, I am farming her out to a helpful faculty members who are taking her swimming with their kids while I and a realtor hit the road looking at more homes.
Our last days in Maine were lovely. We took a boat ride out of Northeast Harbor to Little Cranberry Island, which was pretty. The day had started kind of cloudy but the sun came out and it was a beautiful outing as we don’t often get to go on boats. Had to explain to her that her grandfather used to do this sort of thing on sailboats and larger vessels all the time. That afternoon we walked a few miles around Jordan Pond, just enjoying the brisk air and sun, which is where the photos were taken. We tore ourselves away the next day after a morning at the beach, spending the night at Enchanted Nights B&B in Kittery on the NH state line and eating lobster one last time at Warren’s. Veeka loved sleeping on lots of pillows in the window seat.

Veeka on the trail during an early evening hike around Jordan Pond on one of the longest days of the year

The next day was 350+ miles of dull driving. Towards the late afternoon, I detoured through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area which I found to be a disappointment. Spent a dreary evening in the Poconos which were nowhere near as scenic as I had thought they might be, the one bright spot being the nice pool at the Best Western at Blakeslee. The day after I got home, sat down with the realtor to discuss offers I’d gotten (after only 10 days of the house being shown). To make a long story short, I accepted one, we dickered here and there, signed the contract last Friday and they did the house inspection on Monday. I’m having a hard time tearing myself away from a home into which I put so much of myself for four years. There’s a lot of trees and plants that I put in that I’ll miss including the lovely mimosa trees that don’t seem to grow in Tennessee. And my little weeping cherry tree in the back yard. The irises that took so long to grow. The 100+ tulips I planted last fall. The redbud tree in the front. It’s a whole different yard than when I bought the place.