Lions and Koreans

Veeka and lion

I wanted to show a quick unintentional video of my daughter with the most WONDERFUL lion given to her by Frye Mattingly, son of Terry and Debra, after they babysat her for a day while I was in New York. Veeka had looked longingly as these Aslan-like creatures last time we were up there and this time Frye gave her one. It’s as big as she is and I inadvertently ended up filming her while trying to take a photo of her.

Was reading several days’ worth of newspapers today – and noticed the White House dinner list for the reception for South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. Not that a Dem White House would ever invite someone from the Washington Times but I couldn’t help but think that the South Koreans affiliated with TWT would have loved an invite. Back in the Bush 2 White House days, I was amazed to see how the WTimes was totally snubbed in terms of being invited to any of the state dinners while editors from a certain competing paper plus plenty of folks from the networks were always there. This amazed me, as the Washington Times had backed Bush and given him lots of help, only to be neglected when it came time to hand out the goodies. I used to think that the way Washington work is that you helped me and I helped you, that sort of thing. It used to be like that when I first moved here but things changed quickly. Now it’s you help me and I’ll respond in kind if I feel like it. I could write whole essays about people I’ve helped over the years and when they’ve come into their own, they want nothing to do with me. Does kind of make you a lot more wary of reaching out. When Jesus said to give without expecting anything back, He really meant it! Because that’s what happens more often than not.
We had threats of a tornado last night, headed directly into the path that my brother Rob was commuting home on. I assume the twister never touched the Beltway.

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  1. Rob

    Julia… hi! I guess I would just like to suggest that there can be some encouragement to be found when people that we help along the way actually do “come into their own” and flap their wings and are able to fly again… even if it means many times they fly off into lives of their own… that ‘s a good thing.

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