Sniffle, sniffle

Not much new here! Signed some more docs this morning for my US embassy interview tomorrow. Am having dinner tonight with a contact from the US embassy. Am glad I am missing that nasty snowstorm on the east coast! The computers here at the hotel won’t let me post photos unfortunately.
Am still feeling physically awful with this cold. This morning at 6, I woke up to see a little gremlin dressed in yellow pajamas standing by my head. She crawled into bed with me and all was well.

3 thoughts on “Sniffle, sniffle

  1. Faith

    Oh, sweet bliss! That’s a moment of parenting that turns on the sunshine in a mother’s world. Veeka has adopted you! Faith

  2. Rob

    Julia… hi! After reading Faith’s note this is just a note to say, Amen… and have a wonderful trip home! Love, Rob

  3. Gail

    Airborne. Stock up on it. Take is at the first sign of a sniffle. Praying for your safe and expeditious return. Love, Gail

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