Going Orthodox

“Veeka always likes to read instructions first.”

“Rudny baby house.”

One addendum – Just wanted to say I *tried* attending a Russian Orthodox church yesterday. It didn’t help that Valentin got the time wrong and we walked in 2 hours late. I knew when I saw the congregants kissing the cross (which is always done near the end of the service)that we had missed something. Turns out we missed the whole thing…oh well. Then one woman walked up and snapped at me for removing my hat – oops. Then another walked up and buttonholed my translator as to why we were whispering during the service. My goodness…
In the afternoon I walked down to the local mosque but didn’t go in. All the signs were in Russian or Kazakh and I knew that if I entered via the mens’ entrance instead of the womens’, I’d be in BIG trouble.
Hopefully with this post will be images of the Rudny baby house and Veeka with her toys. Trying to get these in the right way is a challenge…

4 thoughts on “Going Orthodox

  1. hateterrorists2

    Veronica looks so cute…she defintely looks central asian but will flourish into a beautiful little American girl under your wing…she is very blessed to have you as her future parent.

    Wait till she hears and sees you play the harp, and you have the chance to open the world to her.

    Love to you, and strength in the Lord, Sara

  2. Gail

    It was GREAT talking with you last night/day. “Everyone” in Portland, Oregon sends you lots of love, support, and prayers. Gail et al.

  3. cheryl wetzstein

    The orphanage looks clean and neat and pretty colorful … I’m glad Olivia Veronica is responding to you so steadily …
    : )

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