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  1. Andy Ringle

    Dear Julia,

    You may or may not remember me from All Saints, Aliquippa, but I was a TESM alum attending there who had started in the MDiv program and bailed out with a BCS diploma. As a single father whose two young daughters visited him every other weekend, I was intent on providing them a healthy and lively environment where they could have friends their own age. The music of Celebration, the kids in the Community, and that long extended backyard were major attractions for me. At the initial suggestion of Bryan and Ruth Minaker and on invitation from Celebration (who were eager to fill their row houses on Franklin Avenue) I moved from Ambridge to Aliquippa in January 1990 and lived alongside the Community until May 1995.

    Notwithstanding the very real problems in the Community which you have ably and accurately detailed, my daughters, who are both professional musicians today, emphatically credit Celebration as foundational to their musical formation. A couple of months ago my elder daughter Rebecca came upon Days of Fire and Glory, read it, and recommended it to me. Reading your book has provoked intense reflection on my part as I was there at All Saints all through the period you cover in your book, including the parish meeting following Graham’s removal at which both you and Bishop Hathaway were present. Beyond that, I am more than familiar with a number of the other figures that appear in the book, among them Bishop Cuthbert Bardsley (when I was at Coventry in 1971), Sojourners (I worked for over two years at the Church of the Saviour in Washington, where Sojourners was hatched), the Fort Lauderdale circle and their teachings, Ralph Martin and Stephen Clark, John Stott, Mario Bergner (both when he was on Leanne Payne’s PCMS team and later at Trinity), and of course the whole extended TESM/Sewickley/Pittsburgh community.

    All this by way of saying that the themes of community, authority, and right discernment of the Spirit which you more than touch on in your book are lively issues for me to this day, and I would very much enjoy the opportunity to air them with you. At present I am serving as a lay Catholic missionary in Peru, where I have been for nearly two years. I will return to the States on 1 November for approximately two months’ leave and would look forward to contacting you then. As it happens, my younger daughter Aimée lives across Puget Sound from you, In Port Townsend, and it is more than likely that I will be heading out to see her while I’m home.

    With all best wishes,

  2. Brian Wilkie

    Hi Julia, I am trying to track down a person you mentioned in a blog in 2007 – Don Wallis. My friend and former pastor , The Rev Dr. Allen Churchill did missions work with don’s assistance in Khazakhstan, but with Alhiemer’s and parkinson’s he lost touch.
    Allen Just died, and as I prepare for his funeral I’ve been trying to notify old colleagues and perhaps get a story or two about Allen’s ministries.
    DO you still have any contacts with the Kazakh church you visited, that might be able to contact Don? The last reference I can find to him is a 2013 article that places him in Vancouver BC most of the year.
    BTW One of Allen’s legacies is radio ministry in the Ottawa Valley, of which I am one of the hosts.


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